The Irno Valley

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The legendary Sanseverino in the Valley of Irnithi

A narrow corridor surrounded by mountains. This is the scenario wherewith the Irno Valley presents itself to the visitors. This territory has been called in this way because the river that runs through part of it, and that stretches from the slopes of Monte Stella to the Gulf of Salerno. The river, in turn, takes its name from the ancient and mysterious people of Irnithi, who lived upon the hills and the surrounding mountains, and that probably should have been a well-established Etruscan community. They were so important that they even coin their own currency.

In medieval times, then, the Valley of Irno hosted one of the five most powerful dynasties of Italy: the Normans Sanseverino. They were a powerful and wealthy family who served the various kings who succeeded on the throne of Naples. The descendants of this family, ruled through the centuries over vast areas of the Southern Italy. The territories of the Sanseverino family indeed, extended from the southern Campania until Basilicata, Puglia and Calabria. Even today the remains of their castle (the largest ever built in southern Italy) dominate a hill overlooking the town that inherited their name: Mercato San Severino.

Even today, this area, there are so many interesting things to see: imposing and mysterious sanctuaries, suggestive old town areas, and lots of nature trails plunged into the green of the surrounding mountains, such as the oasis of Frassineto, between Fisciano and Calvanico.



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Questo post è disponibile anche in: itItaliano (Italian)