The Amalfi Coast

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The step of the Gods on the Divine Coast

About the Amalfi Coast, has already been told so much, and so many times this strip of land surrounded by the sea and mountains has been the protagonist of many movies, novels besides being a famous holiday destination. But the “Divine” (as it is also known) it’s really a living dream to enjoy at least once in life. In addition to the blue sea and the wild nature of the surrounding peaks of Mount Lattari, should be mentioned the small town of Vietri sul Mare, with its famous ceramics, and its picturesque hillside parishes. Going deeper into the heart of the Amalfi Coast, it is reachable Amalfi itself, which in the Middle Age was one of the most important and powerful Maritime Republics of Europe. Back then indeed, there were great navigators that brought to Europe the compass, draw the first navigation charts of the West, and imported coffee in Europe for the first time, while in the nearby Tramonti in the beginning of XX century, people began to spread out to the world one of the most important dishes of Italian gastronomy: the pizza. Moreover upon the hills overlooking Amalfi, is worth of a visit the charming Ravello, an unreal village, with its medieval buildings and its ancient and majestic manors. It’s worth of a visit, as well, Positano, maybe the most iconic village of the Amalfi Coast with its typical fashion shops, and its breathtaking views, which attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Another feature of this territory is for sure the many hidden coves to be reached from the sea and the many paths through the woods and mountains. The most famous is for sure the “Path of the Gods”, so called because those who walk on it, like gods, can embrace with the gaze the sea from the tops of the peaks above.



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Questo post è disponibile anche in: itItaliano (Italian)