Monte Bulgheria

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The bloodline of the duke Altzek on bulgarian mountains 

In 700 After Christ. some Bulgarian populations moved in the heart of Cilento. they were conducted by their young prince Altzek, son of the great Emperor Kubrat, the one who gathered the whole Bulgaria under one flag back then. The Lombards “hired” the Bulgarians  who came in province of Salerno as soldiers and workers, and soon the Bulgarians merged with the rest of the local population. Even now, the echo of that migration resounds in the names and places of that area: just think about the name of the Mount Bulgheria, the great massif that embraces and protects all the villages and the towns that arise below its slopes. There is also an ancient legend reporting that Mount Bulgheria, it’s a giant sleeping lioness ready to wake up, in case of any threat, in order to protect the area. Legends, but also interesting historical sites. There are, indeed, many traces of history in these places, worthy to be mentioned: just think at Roccagloriosa and its Lucanian history museum or, for example,  the mysterious city of Orbitania (before known as Fistelia), whose remains lie mysterious and silent outside Roccagloriosa. Furthermore are also noteworthy the particular architecture of the domes of the ancient churches in Bulgarian and Middle Eastern style, like there are in the village of Celle di Bulgheria. Finally it should be mentioned, in the hinterland, the medieval village of Castel Ruggero (a parish of the municipality of Torre Orsaia), where lived, for some time, the norman emperor Ruggiero II Altavilla.


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Questo post è disponibile anche in: itItaliano (Italian)