Between Lambro and Mingardo

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The Land of Myth and Philosophy

Along the southern coast of the province of Salerno, among the many sea caves, jagged cliffs and pristine water, there are some towns in which still resound the fragrance of the Ancient GreeceAscea, Palinuro, Camerota are the three main towns of this area, attracting a lot of tourists enchanted by these fine sand beaches and the emerald sea. The pure waters of the Mediterranean sea, are feeded by the rivers Lambro and Mingardo. Ascea, known as Velia by the Romans and even earlier as Elea by the Greeks, was the city where was born Eleatic School, the pre-Socratic philosophy of Parmenides and Zeno, considered masters by Socrates. Thanks to them, has been put an important root to all the developments of the further classical philosophy. Even today, you can visit the remains of the ancient city of Eleatic philosophers, in Ascea. Moreover, is worhty to be mentioned the myth in Palinuro, reported by Virgil in his Aeneid about the homonymous helmsman of Aeneas. According to the story, he felt asleep by God Sleep, in order to let the ship of the Trojans lose orientation. Palinuro drowned in the waters in the place that still bears his name. Furthermore, deserves to be mentioned also Camerota (the name comes from the legendary nymph Kamaraton), known as “the city of the vaults and arches,” and its three charming and ancient parishes, that climb up the surrounding hills from sea level, passing through the medieval village of Lentiscosa, until Upper Camerota, on about 500 meters upon the sea level. In the hinterland, it’s also very interesting the ghost town of Sanseverino di Centola, perched on a cliff: a real spooky and magical crib. And do not forget a taste the local cuisine, with its tasty fish and extra virgin olive oil,  plus the delicious “maracucciata“, a particular legume-based dish typical of the area.

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Questo post è disponibile anche in: itItaliano (Italian)