Valley of Calore

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The echo of Hauteville in the valley of Calore

Behind the Plain of Sele, hidden by Mount Calpazio and Mount Vesole, it opens the valley where the River Calore flows. Its long stream gushes from the slopes of Mount Cervati. Perched on the hills, castles and villages follow each other like eternal guardians of stone upon the valley itself. Here there was the Norman family of Hauteville (italianated in Altavilla) wanting the construction of these fortifications, among which it should be mentioned the imposing and huge castle of Roccadaspide. A castle and a medieval old town it’s also in the charming Altavilla Silentina, whereas, amongst its enchanting alleys, there are inscriptions with poetic verses in the local dialect. Therefore, we have to remember the maze of corridors and stairs in the old town of Castel San Lorenzo and the ancient fortifications and churches in Felitto, almost preserved. For what concern the food, then, it’s dto mention the famous and tasty fusillo felittese, an ancient variety of local pasta, and the wine made in Castel San Lorenzo, one of the tastiest of the entire Salerno area. And also do not miss a trip to the Gorges of River Calore, below the cliff on which stands Felitto, where, surrounded by mountains, the river runs impetuous. With its crystal clear and invigorating waters, in an environment  surrounded by a unique landscape, the river is also a swimming and craftin destination during the warm months. Finally, really adviced are also the different trekking paths that lead to the hills overlooking Roccadaspide, in order to walk in the pure nature and for searching Marrone, the delicious local IGP chestnuts .

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Questo post è disponibile anche in: itItaliano (Italian)