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Nature and History in the legendary Buxentum

Towards the last land stirpes of the province of Salerno and of the Campania, there is the Gulf of Policastro, one of the most charming coastlines of the Cilento, and one of the most favorite destinations for tourists as well. Here, there are Sapri, San Giovanni A Piro and Santa Marina. The beaches of these towns attract alot of tuorists from all over Italy and from abroad. Santa Marina, furthermore, has an important past, because it was the place where was founded the legendary Buxentum, a city of the Magna Greece, built by the tyrant of Rhegion, Micito. Later became Roman (“Policastrum”), and the city continued to expand and fortify even in medieval times. The sturdy and imposing walls are still visible today in the village of Policastro Bussentino, as is still visible the old medieval town surrounded by the imposing walls. In the hinterland, suggestive are also the villages of Morigerati and San Giovanni a Piro, dating back to a migration of Basilian monks from Greece and from the Middle-East in about 700 After Christ. Even today, the domes of the ancient churches, hermitages and monasteries, clearly testify this historical passage. Also in Morigerati the nature triumphs in all its majesty in the gorges of river Bussento, an enchanting WWF Oasis surrounded by green and bathed by the fresh waters of the river, a must-see for all lovers of nature and hiking. Finally, worthy of be mentioned is also the parish of San Giovanni a Piro named “Bosco” (once municipality), where is possible even today visit the house which hosted for a few years the famous Spanish painter and sculptor José García Ortega, representative of social realism during the Spanish Civil War and founder of the group “Estampa popular”.

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Questo post è disponibile anche in: itItaliano (Italian)